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Buc’neer Bunnies is a 2 player table top card game where you control a crew of rascal bunnies and attack your opponent with cannons. Crew members have many different abilities that allow you to control the gameplay as you go. First to destroy the ship or collect 10 treasure is the winner!

Card spotlight!

Every so often we will be diving into one specific card and possible strategies involved, stay tuned.

Prisoner Exchange!

Prisoner Exchange is one of the most versatile cards in the game. Play a basic crew member face down to swap it with your opponent. This can even be used on a face down crew member to get an attacker the same turn. You may even get lucky and get an activated ability too!

Gameplay starts out with 5 cannons facing at your opponent, play crew behind these cannons face down then reveal them next turn to use surprise abilities and attack.

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About Us!

4Shadow Games was formed in January of 2021 in the small town of Dryden, Michigan. It all started when a simple idea, a passion, and many hours of design and testing snowballed into what we know today as Buc’neer Bunnies, with more to come.

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